Selling a Roof is About Good Information

Provide your potential customer with quality information

Have the roof sell itself by providing your potential customers with all the information they need to make an informed choice on the materials they need. Open the App, start a Pitch and have the customer choose the quality option available on each product. Save the Pitch and you have all the information for the customer in one place. Email or print a copy for easy reference.

Anytime after you've finished a Pitch, you can go back and make changes to the customer's information, change product selections, and save or resend the report.

Customers choose quality when given a choice

Estimates & More

The Most important features, just a touch away

Providing the customer with beautiful images, backed-up by informative data in each section makes it easy to choose the best possible materials for each roof. By giving your customer a choice, they are more likely to choose an up-sale on their own.

Quality images help a customer choose

Easy Choices

Simple Icons to Help Your Customers Make Better Desicions

More than a Choice of Materials

Step-BY-Step Customer Choice

By providing your customers with an easy to follow step by step guide to choosing various quality levels of materials your customer then trusts you as an authority. The PitchBook not only provides levels of quality, but has recommended items on each product based on material costs, warranty, durability, and more. This provides a simple monetary guide that show the relative cost for each product and helps your customers make the best decision based on their individual needs.

Providing quality information makes your company the expert

Beautiful, High Quality Photography

Professional Photos represent a wide range of roofing products & Services