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Modern Apps for Roofers

See how the RoofSketchPro app works and what it can do for you.

From Call to Takeoff in Minutes

Streamline Roofing & Repairs From Call To Closing

Enter your project data at the office or on-site. Automatically locate or manually add the address for the roof you’re bidding. RoofSketchPro uses a satellite map image as the base for creating your roof sketch. Intuiative tools let you draw the roof, set overall or specific pitch, set various roof elements (hip, ridge, valley, eaves, etc.) in minutes. Use the default material cost and measurements or customize them. Your sketch is automatically turned into a final proposal for the customer.

Signable Proposals & More

Gather Important Data for Project Management

Use RoofSketchPro to collect and annotate images for efficient project mamagement. RoofSketchPro has easy to use, intuitive editing tools built-in. You can customize your company profile to create a seamless personally branded experience. With built-in email and print capabilities your estimate or proposal can all be processed from within the app.

Materials & Measurements

Quickly Get Up And Running On New Projects

Automatically calculate and convert all the data from your roof sketch into materials quantities and pricing. All based on your own custom price list so YOU can do business the way YOU do it. You can also quickly add additional elements not shown on your sketch. This gives you the flexibility to go beyond just the measurements of your roof sketch.