Work Less & Make More

Work Less & Make More

Although that thought sounds nice, is it really practical? Believe it or not, but a simple 10% raise in profits will allow you to work 30-40% less and still make a bigger profit then before. Refer to the chart as an example of how this would work for you.

Don't compete against others just trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Take the cream off the top by increasing your margin and working less. Sell your services by being the best, not the cheapest, and start pulling in higher profits then ever before.

Since the cost of one square of roofing can vary a large amount from one company to another, your goal is to sell your customer on your services. Offer them a warranty that's above the market average, make sure your work is top of the line, and use the latest and best methods and products on the market. By changing a few things in your business you can have happier customers, make more money, and work less for it.


Number of Monthly Sales

Cost Per Roof

Profit %

Total Charge Per Roof

Profit Per Roof


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Total Charges

Total Profit




























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