How Should You Write An Estimate?

How Should You Write An Estimate?

When it comes to selling to a customer, other then your sales pitch, the estimate you present to them will be the deciding factor of whether or not they will use you. So, what is it customers want to see and how can you improve on your estimates?

The first thing that will be noticed by the customer is the speed in which you provide them with an estimate. In this Information Age people are used to getting the info they want with just a couple clicks of a mouse, so for every hour you wait in getting them an estimate is another hour they have to speak with a different company and possibly choose someone else.

Once the estimate is in the hands of your potential customer, what is their first impression? Making sure your estimate is in full color, has your company logo and letterhead and is professionally written out will go a long way in convincing your customer that your services are worth the price on your estimate. By submitting your estimate in a PDF instead of a word document or being hand written will help your customer feel like you are not just a fly by night contractor.

The last thing they will see is the price you are charging. Homeowners want to be given options and feel like they have choices. Never try and push the customer into only one decision. That is why giving the customer an itemized list of services and prices is very important to them. This will allow them to pick and choose the services they want and don't. Listing out services and prices helps them to see exactly how much work is involved and why the total is so large.

Remember that if your estimates are delivered quickly, put together well and the way they want to see them, your potential customer will think that is how you will treat their house and take care of the services you are contracted to do.