Getting Help, In-App

Getting Help, In-App

Simplicity on the Surface, Complex Beneath

Here at TechToolBelt we realize that most general contractors and roofing contractors contend with a mass of paperwork, materials and tools to get the job done. That's why we spend so much time developing and improving RoofSketch Pro, to provide a tool with a simple interface that handles all the complexities beneath our easy to use roofing app.


Even with all the effort we put into streamlining and tweaking RoofSketch Pro, we know that having a helping hand, at just the right time is the most efficient way to get a job done. To that end, we made sure you have all the help you need on every screen of our app. On the top of the screen, just a click away, we provide you content specific instructions, so you have that helping hand when you need it.

In 90 seconds you can see how to draw a roof in our app, Roof Sketch Pro.

Contact us, let us know what you want in a roofing app.