4 Ways to Help Dominate Your Local Market

4 Ways to Help Dominate Your Local Market

Whether you are just a start up company or a roofing and contracting company that has plateaued, by combining these 4 things you will be able to break into a even more work then you thought possible.

Image is everything... The first thing you need to do is make sure your company branding is solid, up to date and professional. Your branding all starts with a good logo and/or mascot for your company. Your logo should be clean and simple enough to easily identified and reproduced for all of your marketing needs. Make sure it is relevant to your business and your color scheme is up to date and complimentary.

Secondly, one of the most important things is to show up to the job as professionals by having clean, well designed graphics on your vehicles and wearing company shirts or uniforms. Seeing the branding on your vehicles and shirts will give your customers the sense of a stable company that can take care of them and will be around to warrant the work as well. By having the vehicles branded, you expose yourself to the neighbors and passersby who are seeing your work in action. 

Third, whenever you sign a contract you should place a yard sign out front for neighbors to see before, during and after. This is helping to sear the image of your name and logo into the minds of all the neighbors on that street. Whether or not they readily read your sign, your company image will sit in the back of their mind if they don't need your services right away. 

Fourth, while working in their neighborhood mail out postcards or canvas the street or neighborhood you are working in. After seeing your branding placed on all your crew, with your branded shirts, your trucks properly marketed, your perfectly placed yard signs, you seal the deal by putting your company information directly in their hand with postcards or door hangers.

By doing this, and making sure you have everything timed to happen all while you are there performing work in their neighborhood, you will impress the entire neighborhood with your precision and coordination. You are bound to get a call and schedule even more estimates in the neighborhood you are already working in, making it even easier on yourself.

When going on your estimates, make sure you are knowledgable, friendly, and give them an estimate in a timely manner. Make sure your estimate has your letterhead and is professional. See our article "How Should You Write an Estimate" for more info on that.

By doing this you are bound to make an impact on your potential customers. This will give you visibility when they see you drive in and out, while working on the house, the signage in the yard, and then having your information directly in their hand. By combing these things together while you are in their neighborhood you will be able to capture that neighborhoods attention and business. Find out more about water damage.